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All your travel options in one single place



The holistic mobility solution for organisations with multiple campus locations in a region. UrbyCampus offers your employees an overview of all relevant travel options between your sites, showing them the next depature of the shuttlebus, the closest company bikes, shared seats in your coworkers' cars and much more.

Optimize the utilization of resources

Integrating all mobility services into one single user interface ensures efficient use of company assets and services, like pool cars, shuttle busses, company bikes etc.

Save time for your employees

With UrbyCampus, your employees save time while planning their business trips, giving them the possibility to optimize their daily schedule. Furthermore, UrbyCampus reduces time wasted by searching for the bus schedule, bike locations, waiting, and so on. 

UrbyCampus Features

UrbyCampus Dashboard


The dashboard combines all relevant mobility services in one intuitive and user-friendly view. Select the service that fits your needs and schedule the most.

UrbyCampus real-time traffic information

Real-Time Travel Info

In case there are no alternative mobility services available that fit your schedule, you can use this functionality to be directly navigated to your destination by car.

UrbyCampus corporate shuttle bus

Corporate Campus Bus

Missed the shuttle bus?
Always be informed about the departure times of the company's own shuttle bus.


Car-Pooling Service

Get in touch with nearby colleagues to travel together to another corporate location.

UrbyCampus Ride-Pooling Detail Page

Ride-Hailing / Ride-Pooling

Experience the flexibility of an on-demand shuttle that comfortably picks you up from a virtual stop on the corporate campus and takes you to your next appointment at another site.

Benefits for your Company

  • COST EFFICIENCY - Efficient utilization of your assets saves costs, i.e. by sharing a trip as a driver with our car-pooling service
  • SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY - Reducing waste reduces emissions and helps the environment
  • MORE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION - Due to an holistic coprorate mobility offering 

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Highlighted Feature

Pre-Defined  Campus Locations


UrbyCampus pre-defined campus destinations

Future Extensions


Corporate Car Sharing

In a hurry? Can’t wait for the next shuttle bus and no shared ride available? Book your corporate VIP shuttle service or taxi and share your ride with colleagues.

Urby Scheduling


Do you like to have certainty when traveling for business? Scheduling will allow you to plan ahead and book a trip in the future.


Corporate Bike Sharing

Ever considered corporate bike sharing? Not only a healthy and sustainable alternative, but even a faster travel option between sites in dense urban areas.


In-Time Flight Planner

Have you ever missed a flight?
In-Time optimizes your travel schedule that you will never miss a flight again. 
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